Client Testimonials

"My three dogs and I have had 4 1-on-1 sessions with Lynn.  She understands motivation, freedom , fun!  I am so pleased with the easy progress we have made together.  She relates to each dog, their personality, strengths and weaknesses and crafts successful techniques.   I recommend her highly, and look forward to the opening of her Aberdeen Training facility." --Lisa L., Pinehurst

"My female dog was really struggling with stress and anxiety. I had tried other trainers and nothing had worked. Lynn saved my dog and she is an amazing trainer!"--Morgan L., Pinehurst

"I know it sounds silly but you've changed our lives when it comes to being a Dog parent.  We are so grateful!"  --Donna B., West End, NC

"No matter what your needs are K9 Foundation can do it!  I've been training with them for almost a year and they are amazing! The way they are able to connect with the dogs is unlike anything I have ever seen!  It is a 6.5 hour round trip for me....Sooo worth it!  --Jessica Z., Goode, Virginia

"We have had dobermans over the past 30 years and many dog trainers that were good. We hired Lynn a year ago for our newest dobe. She is by far the best trainer we have had, rates a 10 with us. Very professional and very committed to deliver excellent results."  --Amanda S., Whispering Pines, NC


"The first thing that impressed me was how joyfully obedient Lynn and Kevin's dogs are. Next I saw how Kevin evaluated my young dog. He was calm and focused, sizing up her reactions to everything and then tapping into what she reacted to most positively and then building on that to make progress. These two have a rare talent combined with a lot love and knowledge."--Chris R., Atlanta, GA


Hello, Moore County and beyond!
My name is "Pyxie", I am a 3 year Bichon and I want you all to know that the "K9 Foundation" is .... "the Cat's Meow" for us doggies. Tell your parents to check them out, talk to the "Top Dog Lynn" and find the very best training place far and near! Lady Lynn will make your classes fun and exciting, she has lots of patience, expert knowledge, is professional and passionate about her method of teaching. You doggies can go from Kindergarten right up to College with your continued education and you will find no better School anywhere. See you all as soon as possible!  --Lindi L., Vass, NC

"Lynn is an AMAZING trainer! Her knowledge and skills has been a tremendous help with my two resident dogs, as well as her tips and advice for helping with numerous fosters dogs that we’ve had through our house. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone!!"  --Kelly K, Chaska

"I’ve worked with Lynn in a class setting a number of times. From Basic Obedience to Loose Leash Walking to Dog-to-Dog Aggression, she leads a fun, straightforward and successful class where she helped us reach our training goals each time. I’ve also worked with her for 1:1 training in my home when we were expecting our first child. I can’t say enough about what an amazing trainer she is! She helped me manage my dog aggressive pup like a pro, always explained training concepts clearly and demonstrated all behaviors with ease. Not only is she a great trainer, but she makes it fun for all involved even in stressful situations for some handlers and their dogs. I’d recommend K9 foundations for all levels of experience and training needs."  --Jennifer H., St. Louis Park

"I love training with Lynn! I have trained with her with two dogs in obedience, agility, problem behaviors (jumping on visitors), and AKC good citizenship. I love Lynn and so do my dogs!"  --Julie D. Minneapolis

“We are practicing a lot. Passed a couple of dogs yesterday and he had no reaction.....
A little fluffy puddle passed us today. J was calm and quiet and only once “fluffy” passed us did J whimper. So cute.”--Cindy H., Pinehurst  (J was leash aggressive)

"You do an amazing job Lynn, we are looking forward to seeing you when we return in the fall."--Leslie W., Southern Pines


"I’m glad to have had the opportunity to work with Lynn at our home and in class environments. She made dog training fun for me and my child with special needs, helping us both understand how to communicate with our dog more effectively. I’ve recommended her to others and encourage you to give her service a try."--Lori M., Minneapolis

"My dog Nina and I have had the opportunity to work with Kevin and Lynn for three years, and though I live in Colorado I have driven down to work with them or have them fly here. Kevin and Lynn are both pet dog and competitive dog trainers, and they are some of the best dog trainers in the country. Many other dog trainers you will find have just taken a few classes and gotten a certification, but for Kevin and Lynn dog training is their craft. If you want to build your dog into something better, I highly recommend them. Wish I lived closer and had the chance to train with them every day."--Mary G., Denver

"Lynn is so knowledgeable and fun to work with. She is an amazing trainer that can work with any and all behavior issues. She loves working with dogs and it shows!"--Blair B., Huntersville, NC