"Lynn Silvis is helping me train our German Shepherd pup....She has been tremendously helpful .  Our big rowdy pup has a skittish, reactive, stubborn personality and I am an inconsistent, weak trainer.  But our pup is now a year old and thanks to Lynn's help, he is maturing into a good companion and canine citizen.  I learn more with each training session.  Lynn explains things clearly, using examples and analogies.  Training sessions include guided practice in a variety of real-life settings such as stores and public parks.  Lynn has a great sense of humor.  She is tactful, patient, and never makes me feel inadequate, even when I fail to be firm enough with the dog, or practice with him enough.  Our dog respects and obeys her, but always greets her with exuberant enthusiasm, which shows she asserts authority without intimidating the dog.  I give Lynn the highest recommendation".  --Lucy L., Pinehurst, NC

"My three dogs and I have had 4 1-on-1 sessions with Lynn.  She understands motivation, freedom , fun!  I am so pleased with the easy progress we have made together.  She relates to each dog, their personality, strengths and weaknesses and crafts successful techniques.   I recommend her highly, and look forward to the opening of her Aberdeen Training facility." --Lisa L., Pinehurst

"I know it sounds silly but you've changed our lives when it comes to being a Dog parent.  We are so grateful!"  --Donna B., West End, NC

"No matter what your needs are K9 Foundation can do it!  I've been training with them for almost a year and they are amazing! The way they are able to connect with the dogs is unlike anything I have ever seen!  It is a 6.5 hour round trip for me....Sooo worth it!  --Jessica Z., Goode, Virginia

"We have had dobermans over the past 30 years and many dog trainers that were good. We hired Lynn a year ago for our newest dobe. She is by far the best trainer we have had, rates a 10 with us. Very professional and very committed to deliver excellent results."  --Amanda S., Whispering Pines, NC


"The first thing that impressed me was how joyfully obedient Lynn and Kevin's dogs are. Next I saw how Kevin evaluated my young dog. He was calm and focused, sizing up her reactions to everything and then tapping into what she reacted to most positively and then building on that to make progress. These two have a rare talent combined with a lot love and knowledge."--Chris R., Atlanta, GA


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