Frequently asked questions

What method do you use to train?

We believe that training is a not a one size fits all thing and utilize a wide variety of methods and tools, but we primarily use mark and reward training to teach and strengthen behaviors for great results.  You  use a sharp sound like a clicker or a crisp "yes" to give the dog clear feed back that what they did was correct and to connect it to a meaningful reward, like a toy or a food treat.  This a fast, fun, positive, REWARD BASED, scientifically supported method that is very effective for teaching dogs to learn new behaviors. 

Can I come watch a class?

We are happy to have you come and watch a class.  We do request that you contact Lynn to let her know you plan on coming, arrive before class starts and please leave your dog behind.

Can my partner/kids come to class?

YES!!!  We encourage the whole family to attend.  Be aware that the class is run at an adult pace, so it may not be suitable to younger kids.  We do ask that kids be seated and quiet unless they are working an exercise with their own dog.

Do you offer free evaluations?  

We occasional do offer free evaluations for specific things like sport training or therapy work.  These evaluations do not include any training and are simply a chance for us to meet and for one of the trainers to help determine if you dog would be suitable for the service we offer.   Please contact Lynn to learn more.

Is the class fee for each day or for the whole class?

The class fee is for the entire class.  

Can I bring more than one dog to class?  Can I switch off dogs during a class?

You are welcome to bring another dog to class, however, each dog must be registered for the class individually and have a dedicated adult handler.  We do not permit multiple dogs to share a class--one dog per registration, please.  

I need private help with both my dogs.  Do you charge based on number of dogs?

No, you are paying for the trainers time for one-on-one training, not the number of dogs.

Do you give refunds or allow payments to be transferred?

CLASS REFUND POLICY:  We are happy to offer class refunds minus $10 if you cancel at least 24 hours PRIOR to the start of class.  Once class has started, we do not offer refunds.  

PRIVATE REFUND POLICY:  We do not offer refunds on private training packages once they have started.  If you are unsure you can commit to a package, we offer single sessions.


Missed class/private policy

MISSED CLASS POLICY:  You are welcome to make up the missed class in another class (**makes ups are only available to the humans in the behavior classes).  Call Lynn to make arrangements.  

LATE CANCELLATION/NO SHOW POLICY FOR PRIVATES:  Any appointment cancellations 24 hours or less than the scheduled appointment and no shows will be forfeited by the client.  Repeated No Shows will require a non-refundable deposit to hold an appointment.

My dog is aggressive/reactive.  Can I bring him/her to class?

We recommend you start with private behavior modification training FIRST before bringing him/her to our regular obedience or for fun classes class.  Once your trainer feels that class would be a good fit, you are welcome to join!  We do occasional offer behavior classes specific for reactive/aggressive dogs if there is demand for this.

Why don't you teach heeling in your obedience classes?

we find that teaching leash behaviors make more sense to do it OUTSIDE than in a training room.  We offer a dedicated 3 week leash class called LEASH MANNERS that meets outside at various parks to give your real life skills!