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Frequently asked questions


What method do you use to train?

We primarily use mark and reward training to teach and strengthen behaviors for great results.  You  use a sharp sound like a clicker or a crisp "yes" to give the dog clear feed back that what they did was correct and to connect it to a meaningful reward, like a toy or a food treat.  This a fast, fun, positive, REWARD BASED, scientifically supported method that is very effective for teaching dogs to learn new behaviors.  Our goal is to help your dog learn the behaviors as well as deepen your relationship with your dog.  We believe that training is a not one size fits all and with our years of experience, we can help you and your dog become the dream team you always wanted!


Can I come watch a class?

We are happy to have you come and watch a class.  We do request that you contact Lynn to let her know you plan on coming, arrive before class starts and please leave your dog at home while you observe.

Can my partner/kids come to class?

YES!!!  We encourage the whole family to attend.  Be aware that the class is run at an adult pace, so it may not be suitable to younger kids.  We do ask that kids be seated and quiet unless they are working an exercise with their own dog.

Is the class fee for each day or for the whole class?

The class fee is for the entire class.  

Can I bring more than one dog to class?  Can I switch off dogs during a class?

You are welcome to bring more than one dog to class, however each dog must be registered and have a dedicated adult handler.  We do not permit swapping out dogs for a class--one dog per registration, please!  **A NOTE ABOUT LITTERMATES--K9 Foundation strongly recommends that littermates be in separate classes.  

What age can I bring my puppy to class?

We recommend your puppy be at least 12 weeks so that they have a couple of their vaccines started.  Here is a great article about the importance of early socialization and how to balance that with your puppies vaccine schedule.

My dog is aggressive/reactive/shy.  Can I bring him/her to class?

We recommend you work with a trainer FIRST to help you build the skills needed to safely control your dog in a class environment.  Once the trainer feels you are ready, you are welcome to join!


Missed class

MISSED CLASS POLICY:  You are welcome to make up the missed class in another class.  Email Lynn to make arrangements at  

Do you give refunds for classes or allow payments to be transferred?

CLASS REFUND POLICY:  We are happy to offer class refunds minus $10 if you cancel at least 24 hours PRIOR to the start of class.  Once class has started, we do not offer refunds.  If a classes is cancelled by us, we will offer a full refund or the option to hold the credit for an upcoming class.




What area do you serve?

We service Moore county and Richmond County.  Any Moore county appointment that requires travel beyond 15 miles from our Aberdeen location will be charged an additional travel fee.  Any Richmond County appointment that requires travel beyond 20 miles from Hoffman will be charged an additional travel fee.  We occasional are able to serve other counties for an additional fee to cover travel/time.  If you are outside our typical travel area, we encourage you to come to us at our Aberdeen facility to avoid the additional fee.

Where do privates take place?

Our first appointment takes place at our Aberdeen location so we can make an assessment and put together a training plan.  Following appointments can be done at your home or on location.


I need private help with both my dogs.  Do you charge based on number of dogs?

No, you are paying for the trainers time for one-on-one training, not the number of dogs.  Price is per session.

Do you train the dog or do you train me to train my dog?

We can do either!  Just let us know what you want and we will explain our options.

Private Cancellation policy

LATE CANCELLATION/NO SHOW POLICY FOR PRIVATES:  We request a 24 hour notice for cancellations or reschedules.  Late cancellations or no shows of new clients will require a non-refundable deposit to hold any future appointments (deposit goes towards first appointment).  Late cancellations or no shows of package clients will result in the loss of one session.  No Shows of new clients will require a non-refundable deposit to hold any future appointment.


We do not offer refunds on private training packages once they have started except in rare circumstances.  If you are unsure you can commit to a package, we offer single sessions.


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