Competition or Sport Dog Training

Want to see if your dog could compete in AKC, UKC OR CSDP obedience?  How about Nosework? Maybe you have a breed suited for sport work like Mondioring, PSA or IGP or another similar sport?  We can help determine what would be a great fit for you and your dog and help you with the foundation needed to succeed at the top of your sport.  We can also help you trouble shoot if you have reached a road block or help you change bad habits. 


Kevin and Lynn both have extensive competition experience on a National and International level in a variety of dog sports and can help you with everything from puppy foundation all the way up to preparing for high level trials.  

Competitive Obedience Drop in class on Tuesdays at 12pm starting June 9th

Intro to Nosework Seminar Date:TBA



Mondioring, Frenchring, IGP, PSA group training on Saturdays and Wednesday*

(*your dog will be assessed to determine suitability for this sport first)

**Call/text for more info 612-747-4090



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