About Us

Kevin and Lynn Bain blend together two very effective reward based approaches to dog training to bring you a way of training that is fast, fun and successful. We break down every behavior into blocks that build onto each other to lay down a strong, stable foundation--hence our name, K9 Foundation.  A  strong foundation allows us to reach any canine goal, whether it is a well mannered pet, a successful competition dog, changing bad behaviors or developing a deeper relationship with our dog.  No matter your goals, we can help give you the tools to have a great

K9 Foundation!


Lynn Bain has been training pet dogs since childhood and has extensive experience with obedience, relationship building, behavior modification, aggression rehab, service and therapy dog training, competition and just recently K9 training. She also is a certified veterinarian technician.  

Lynn currently has two Belgian Malinois, Sacha and Peanut that she is training for Mondioring and a silly little rescue pit bull, Taz, that is her best buddy.

Kevin Bain has been training dogs since childhood and has decades of experience training sport, obedience, security, patrol, detection and tracking dogs.  Kevin can help with any type of competitive obedience or bite sport as well as providing handler training and helper work to police departments and sport clubs nation wide.  

Kevin currently has three Belgian Malinois, Extra, Anvil, and Chuck he is training for Mondioring and one German Shepherd, Bishop he is training for IGP.

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