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About Us

Our Team
Kevin training doberman.jpg

Kevin Bain

  • ​Professional Dog Trainer

  • Aggression Specialist

  • Certified Narcotic K9 Trainer

  • Certified Bomb K9 Trainer

  • Certified Patrol K9 Trainer

  • Level 3 USMRA Decoy

  • NAAPD Decoy

  • UKC Nosework Judge

  • BSD certified

  • USMRA member since 2010

  • USMRA Decoy committee

  • USMRA Judges committee

Kevin has been training, showing and competing with dogs since his childhood in Trinidad and has decades of international experience training and teaching sport, obedience, security, K9 patrol, detection and tracking dogs.  Kevin has successfully competed in various dog sports internationally as well as decoyed at the highest levels.  Kevin's vast experience makes him uniquely qualified to help with any competitive obedience or bite sport goals as well as providing handler training and K9 helper work to police departments and sport clubs nation wide.  Kevin has coached many teams to high levels and has a talent for bringing out the best in each team.

Kevin currently has three Belgian Malinois,  Anvil, Savage and Chuck and an APBT, Sledge.  Kevin currently competes in Mondioring, IGP and UKC Nosework.

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Lynn heeling.jpg

Lynn Bain

  • Professional Dog Trainer

  • Behavior Modification and Aggression Specialist

  • Certified Veterinarian Technician with a specialization in behavior

  • BSD certified

  • UKC Nosework judge

  • AKC CGC and Tricks Dog evaluator

  • USMRA member since 2011

Lynn has been training, showing and competing with dogs since childhood and has extensive experience training and teaching obedience, relationship building, behavior modification, aggression rehab, tricks, therapy dog training, competition, conformation and detection training. Lynn has been a professional dog trainer since 1991 and has a passion for helping owners understand the unique needs of their dog so that they may achieve any goal all while strengthening their relationship with their dog.  Lynn regularly attends State and National Veterinarian behavior and professional dog training 

seminars to ensure what she brings to her clients are the most effective and up-to date methods available today.

Lynn currently has two Belgian Malinois, Sacha and Peanut, and a silly little rescue pit bull, Taz.  She competes in Mondioring, CSDP, UKC Nosework.

Our dogs
Anvil, Savage, Chuck,  Sledge,  Peanut, Sacha,
 and Taz
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