Upcoming Seminars


This popular 2 hour seminar teaches your dog to LOVE the word COME!!!!  We use lots of play, rewards and tricks to get our to be reliable and FAST at coming, even with distractions.  You will need a long 20-30 foot training lead for class and several high value rewards (food AND toys).  The class will start indoors and then transition to outdoors for lots of practice.


Our next one will be April 25th 1-3pm at our Aberdeen location.


Learn about this new exciting sport that is open to any breed!  Lynn and Kevin are both UKC Nosework judges and are looking forward to bringing nosework to the Sandhills!

April 9th 6pm-8pm

Intro to Mondioring

Mondioring is a challenging, FCI international dog sport comprised of Obedience, Jumps and Protections.  There is a also a USA only program that is Obedience only or Obedience with Jump only that is open to all breeds and sizes.  Come learn more about this exciting and very dynamic dog sport with demos from some of the top dogs in the US.

April 16th 6-8pm

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